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BIS Fernmark Samodiva, om. T.Partinen & U. Af Heurlin   VSP Brokenwheel Ryan om. E.Haarala

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First of all I would like to thank all exhibitors for showing their Wolfhounds
to me and so sportingly accepting my judging!
I had a great day and enjoyed looking at your dogs! I was impressed with the
quality and precens of most dogs!
My best puppy was totally gorgeous! Beautiful dark head and eyes, lovely
neat ears, well put together all over and a lovely free mover!
The adult dog and bitch lineups were really good with an extra plus for the
bitches. The best dog and BOS was a big strong boy, masculine and nice to go
over. Free moving and the sweetiest of temperament!
My BOB and best bitch was without competition. The minute I saw her I knew it would be
hard for anyone to beat her! Strong and powerful, oozing of quality and
hard to find any faults on her. Beautiful head and expression, lovely angles
for and after, long striding, looking as she could hunt the whole day. Perfect coat
and presentation.
Thank you to my excellent ringstewards who kept me in order during the day!
Thank you also to our lovely hosts Tuula, Minna and Susanna for taking such care of my
company and myself! We had a most lovely weekend!
Annica Gustavsson