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Tuomariesittelyssä Liz Thornton

Thank you for this invitation. My third time judging in Finland and I should think this will be the last time. When I first judged you had great type, especially in heads, also good harsh double coats. An onlooker could see that ring tails and slightly too broad chests (with lighter rear ends) were common in that entry. 

The next time, well filled classes with plenty of nice females present yet what I remember best was the best of breed. A very pleasing tall and sound dog from the “ Wiglywagly” affix. 

My own interest in Irish wolfhounds started when I read the book “ Finn the Wolfhound” as a girl. My father bought my first hound for me when I was 16. My first litter was to ch caio of Eaglescrag in 1973. My first champion was in that litter.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have judged the breed all over the world since then. I will judge at Crufts in March 2026, almost  forty years after giving challenge certificates for the first time at the Hound Show. My best of breed then was ch Drakesleat Kyak. 

Nowadays I don’t have Irish wolfhounds at home. We show and breed Basset Fauve de Bretagne, who keep us busy.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the wolfhounds look like in Finland in 2024. 

Liz Thornton

Liz aged 19 with Eaglescrag Larkspur of Mochras, sister of ch Lysander.

Liz now with basset fauve de Bretagne.